Start-Up Database

The start-up database is built from the SET100 lists, our annual compilation of the 100 best start-ups of the Start Up Energy Transition Award. It contains the most innovative and promising start-ups that make the energy transition a fundamental component of their innovation. Use the database to discover, connect, and fuel the growth to net zero.

Company Award ranking Founded Category Country
1516 Green Energy Technology Company Ltd2015SDG-7Vietnam
A2P logo in redA2P Energy Solution Private Ltd2018Clean Energy GenerationIndia
AC Biode logoAC Biode2019Luxembourg
Acacia innovations logoAcacia Innovations Ltd.2016SDG-7Kenya
ACCURE logoACCURE Battery Intelligence GmbH2020Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
Aceleron Limited logoAceleron Ltd2016Energy Distribution & StorageUnited Kingdom
Adaptricity logoAdaptricity AG2014Energy Distribution & StorageSwitzerland
aedifion GmbH2017Germany
AEInnova logoAEInnova2014Clean Energy GenerationSpain
Aerones logo in blueAerones Llc2016Clean Energy GenerationLatvia
aesp logoAESP Green Energy Inc.2009SDG-7Canada
Africa GreenTec LogoAfrica GreenTec AG2014SDG-7Germany
AgeVolt logoAgeVolt2019Smart MobilitySlovakia
AgriProtein LogoAgriProtein Holdings2008Demand-side innovationGibraltar
Agrisoma Biosciences logoAgrisoma Biosciences Inc.2001Clean Energy GenerationCanada
Agrotech Plus logoAgrotech Plus2019SDG-7Kenya
akselos logoAkselos S.A.2011Energy Distribution & StorageSwitzerland
ALGBIO logoAlgbio2021Turkey
Allume logoAllume Energy2015Demand-side innovationAustralia
Alpha ESS logoAlpha ESS Co., Ltd.2012Energy Distribution & StorageChina
Alterum logoAlterum (Smart Grid to Business)2014SDG-7Canada
AMMP logoAMMP Technologies B.V.2018SDG-7Netherlands
Ampacimon logoAMPACIMON2010Energy Distribution & StorageBelgium
Ampaire logoAmpaire Inc.2018Smart MobilityUnited States
Amped Innovation PBC LogoAmped Innovation PBC2016United States
Ampersand logoAmpersand2015Smart MobilityRwanda GmbH2019Germany
AquaBattery logoAquaBattery B.V.2014Energy Distribution & StorageNetherlands
Arenko logoArenko Group2014Energy Distribution & StorageUnited Kingdom
ARESS logoARESS2012SDG-7Benin
ATEC logoATEC Biodigesters2016SDG-7Cambodia
aurelia logoAurelia Turbines2013Clean Energy GenerationFinland
autarq GmbH2012Germany
Azuri logoAzuri Technologies2012SDG-7United Kingdom
BasiGo Limited logoBasiGo Ltd2022SDG-7Kenya
ALGBIO logoBeChained Artificial Intelligence Technologies S.L.2020Spain
BeeBryte logoBeeBryte2015Energy Distribution & StorageFrance
Beem Energy2019Clean Energy GenerationFrance
BeFCBeFC2020Clean Energy GenerationFrance
Beijing Muyu Technology Co., Ltd.1999China
Ben Fleet Services GmbH2018Smart MobilityGermany
beON logoBeON Energy2015Energy Distribution & StoragePortugal
betteries AMPS GmbH2018Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
bettervest logobettervest GmbH2012Demand-side innovationGermany
Bignay Inc.2014Smart MobilityUnited Kingdom
BioEsol2021Energy Distribution & StorageMexico
BioLite logoBioLite2010SDG-7United States
Logo BiomeBiomeRenewables Inc.2015Clean Energy GenerationCanada
Bioroot Energy logoBioroot Energy, Inc.2015SDG-7United States
BladeInsight logoBladeinsight2015Energy Distribution & StoragePortugal
Blink Energy logoBlink Energy, Inc.2019Energy Distribution & StorageUnited States
blixt logoBLIXT2018Energy Distribution & StorageSweden
Bloom logoBloom Biorenewables2019Clean Energy GenerationSwitzerland
Blue Box Air, LLC2016Demand-side innovationUnited States
Bluedot logoBluedot Technologies, Inc.2019Smart MobilityUnited States
Bluefield logoBluefield Technologies, Inc.2017Demand-side innovationUnited States
blueflight logoblueflite (Flugauto)2018Smart MobilityUnited States
BlueNav2020Smart MobilityFrance
Logo BluWaveBluWave Inc. Artificial Intelligence2017Smart MobilityCanada
Bodawerk logo in purpleBodawerk International Ltd.2017Smart MobilityUganda
Boreal Light logo in blueBoreal Light GmbH (Winture)2014SDG-7Germany
Bound 4 Blue logoBound 4 Blue, S.L.2014Smart MobilitySpain
Box Synergy2018Clean Energy GenerationArgentina
Breeze logoBreeze Technologies2015Smart MobilityGermany
Bright Energy AB2018Sweden
brightgreen logoBrightGreen Renewable Energy0SDG-7Kenya
Brilliant Matters logoBrilliant Matters2016Energy Distribution & StorageCanada
Logo BrinergyBrinergy Tech., S.L.2018Spain
Buyo India Private Limited logoBuyo India Private Ltd2020India
C-Green logoC-Green Technology AB2003Demand-side innovationSweden
CAALA logoCAALA2016Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
Caban systems logoCaban Systems, Inc.2018Energy Distribution & StorageUnited States
CAKE2016Smart MobilitySweden
Camus logoCamus Energy2019Energy Distribution & StorageUnited States
Carbominer LLC logoCarbominer LLC2020Ukraine
Carbon Re Ltd logoCarbon Re Ltd2020United Kingdom
Carbon Upcycling Technologies logoCarbon Upcycling Technologies2014Demand-side innovationCanada
Carbonlaces2020United Kingdom
CarbonSpace logoCarbonSpace Tech2020Demand-side innovationUnited States
Cemvita Factory logoCemvita Factory Inc.2017Clean Energy GenerationUnited States
Chargetrip logoChargetrip BV2016Smart MobilityNetherlands
ChargeX logoChargeX GmbH2018Smart MobilityGermany
Chemolex logoChemolex Company2018Energy Distribution & StorageKenya
Ciel and Tierre logoCiel & Terre International2013Clean Energy GenerationFrance
citizerngage logoCitizengage2015Demand-side innovationIndia
Claro LogoClaro Energy Pvt. Ltd2011SDG-7India
CleverShuttle logo in geenCleverShuttle (Acquired by Deutsche Bahn)2014Smart MobilityGermany
Climax Community logoClimax Community2019United Kingdom
clir logoClir Renewables Inc.2016Energy Distribution & StorageCanada
CMBlu logoCMBlu Energy2014Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
Logo ColdHubsColdHubs2015SDG-7Nigeria
Comgy logoComgy GmbH2017Demand-side innovationGermany
Coolar logoCoolar UG2016SDG-7Germany
Correlor logoCorrelor Data Science Intelligence LTD2015Israel
D-Olivette Enterprise logoD-Olivette Enterprise2018SDG-7Nigeria
DABBEL logoDABBEL – Automation Intelligence GmbH2018Demand-side innovationGermany
dandelion logoDandelion Energy Inc.2017Demand-side innovationUnited States
Danfoss logoDanfoss (Leanheat Building, Acquired by BB Electronics)2016Energy Distribution & StorageFinland
DC Power logoDC Power Co2017Energy Distribution & StorageAustralia
dcx logoDCX2016Energy Distribution & StoragePoland
deciwatt logoDeciwatt Ltd2013SDG-7United Kingdom
Deftpower B.V.2020Smart MobilityThe Netherlands
DENKweit logoDENKweit GmbH2018Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
depsys logodepsys2012Energy Distribution & StorageSwitzerland
desolenator logoDesolenator B.V.2014SDG-7Netherlands
Deveci Tech2019Clean Energy GenerationThe Netherlands
Dexter logoDexter Energy2016Energy Distribution & StorageNetherlands
dhp logodhp technology AG2015Clean Energy GenerationSwitzerland
Didi logoDidi2012Smart MobilityChina
Distributed Energy logoDistributed Energy2019Clean Energy GenerationSingapore
divine bamboo logoDivine Bamboo Group Ltd2016SDG-7Uganda
Drone Defence Services Ltd logoDrone Defence Services Ltd2017Smart MobilityUnited Kingdom
DUCKT OU logoDUCKT OU2020Smart MobilityEstonia
E-Lyte Innovations GmbH2019Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
e-Zn logoe-Zn Inc2012Smart MobilityCanada
easy solar logoEasy Solar (SL) Ltd2016SDG-7Sierra Leone
ÉAU logoÉAU- Écosystèmes Alimentaires Urbains2014SDG-7Canada
ecamion logoeCAMION2009Smart MobilityCanada
Eco Wave Power logoEco Wave Power2011Clean Energy GenerationIsrael
Ecoclime Group AB2012Clean Energy GenerationSweden
ecocoach logoecocoach AG2018Smart MobilitySwitzerland
EcoEnergy logoEcoEnergy2016SDG-7United States
ECOFACTOR CHARGE2017Smart MobilityUkraine
EcoG logoEcoG GmbH2017Smart MobilityGermany
Ecoisme logoEcoisme Ltd2016Energy Distribution & StorageUnited Kingdom
EcoJoule2017Energy Distribution & StorageAustralia
ecoligo logoecoligo GmbH2016Clean Energy GenerationGermany
Ecosolar logoEcosolar Energia Inteligente2016Demand-side innovationBrazil
Logo EcoSyncEcoSync2018Energy Distribution & StorageUnited Kingdom
Ecovat logoEcovat2016Energy Distribution & StorageNetherlands
eDRV B.V.2020Smart MobilityThe Netherlands
eet_tech logoEET – Efficient Energy Technology GmbH2017Clean Energy GenerationAustria
EH Group Engineering, AustriaEH Group Engineering2017Clean Energy GenerationSwitzerland
Einhundert logoEINHUNDERT Energie GmbH2017Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
Einride logo in blackEinride AB2016Smart MobilitySweden
Eja-Ice Ltd2020SDG-7Nigeria
Ekkono logoEkkono Solutions AB2016Demand-side innovationSweden
Electric Beast Global OÜ logoElectric Beast Global OÜ2021Smart MobilityEstonia
Electrochaea logoElectrochaea GmbH2014Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
Element 16 Technologies logoElement 16 Technologies, Inc.2016Energy Distribution & StorageUnited States
Elemize Technologies logoElemize Technologies2017Demand-side innovationItaly
Elonroad AB2014Smart MobilitySweden
elum logoElum Energy2016Energy Distribution & StorageFrance
emhTrade logoemhTrade Ltd2012Demand-side innovationNew Zealand
Emrgy inc, united statesEmrgy Inc.2014United States
Logo EnapterEnapter GmbH2017Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
encoord inc, energy, unites statesencoord Inc.2018Energy Distribution & StorageUnited States
Crowdnett logoEneco (CrowdNett)2017Energy Distribution & StorageNetherlands
enerbrain logoEnerbrain s.r.l.2014Energy Distribution & StorageItaly
Energiency logoEnergiency2013Demand-side innovationFrance
energy dome, italyEnergy Dome S.p.A.2019Italy
Energy Floors logoEnergy Floors2017Clean Energy GenerationNetherlands
Energy Shift Europe Ltd2021Clean Energy GenerationUnited Kingdom
energyelephant, energy elephant, irelandEnergyElephant2015Ireland
energynest logoEnergyNest AS2011Energy Distribution & StorageNorway
energyX Solutions logoenergyX Solutions Inc.2016Demand-side innovationCanada
Enersion logoEnersion Inc.2016Demand-side innovationCanada
enersis climate intelligenceenersis europe GmbH2011Demand-side innovationGermany, Switzerland
Enexor BioEnergy2022SDG-7United States
ENIT logoENIT Energy IT Systems GmbH2014Demand-side innovationGermany
Enjay logoEnjay AB2011Demand-side innovationSweden
Enmacc Gmbh2016Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
Enogia logoENOGIA2009Energy Distribution & StorageFrance
enspired logoenspired GmbH2020Energy Distribution & StorageAustria
Logo envelioenvelio GmbH2017Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
envio logo, A JJL SolutionEnvio Systems (acquired by JLL)2016Demand-side innovationGermany
Enviria Energy Holding GmbH2017Clean Energy GenerationGermany
ep tender logoEP Tender2012Smart MobilityFrance
epilot logoepilot GmbH2017Demand-side innovationGermany
Logo EpishineEpishine AB2016Clean Energy GenerationSweden
Equota logo in blueEQuota Energy2014Energy Distribution & StorageChina
ETA PLUS GmbH logoETA PLUS GmbH2019Germany
etalytics GmbH logoetalytics GmbH2020Germany
evergen logoEvergen2016Energy Distribution & StorageAustralia
everyone energyeveryone energy UG2021Germany
Evoke Electric Motorcycles logoEvoke Electric Motorcycles2016Smart MobilityChina
evopark logoevopark2014Smart MobilityGermany
ewind logoewind Betreiber- und Vertriebs GmbH2011Germany
Exergenics Trading Pty Ltd logoExergenics Trading Pty Ltd2019Australia
Exnaton AG2020Switzerland
Ferntech logoFerntech GmbH2016SDG-7Germany
Flair logoFlair2014Demand-side innovationUnited States
Logo FlexiDAOFlexiDAO S.E.S. s.l.2017Energy Distribution & StorageSpain
FlyNex GmbH2015Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
Logo ForCityForCity2014France
foresight logoForesight Energy LTD2015Energy Distribution & StorageIsrael
Freewire logoFreeWire Technologies2014Smart MobilityUnited States
Fresh Energy logoFresh Energy Gmbh (Acquired by EWE AG)2017Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
Logo Frontier MarketsFrontier Markets2011SDG-7India
logo Frontline WasteFrontline Waste2016Clean Energy GenerationUnited States
FTEX logoFTEX2018Smart MobilityCanada
Fuelsave Consultoria S.A (Meight)2018Smart MobilityPortugal
fusebox energyFusebox OÜ2014Energy Distribution & StorageEstonia
future grid logoFuture Grid2012Energy Distribution & StorageAustralia
GBatteries Energy Canada LogoGBatteries Energy Canada Inc2014Smart MobilityGermany
GenH Inc.2018Clean Energy GenerationUnited States
Getaway logoGETAWAY GmbH2015Smart MobilityGermany
Geyser logoGeyser Batteries Oy2018Energy Distribution & StorageFinland
gilytics logoGilytics AG2017Energy Distribution & StorageSwitzerland
Gleam logoGLEAM technologies GmbH2013Smart MobilityAustria
glowee logoglowee2014Clean Energy GenerationFrance
GML / Enline Transmission SolutionsGML/Enline Transmission Solutions2018Portugal
go to-u logoGo To-U2017Smart MobilityUnited States
Golu Hydrogen Technologies Inc.2021Clean Energy GenerationCanada
goodcarbon GmbH logogoodcarbon GmbH2021Germany
GP Motion logoGP Motion GmbH2015Smart MobilityAustria
Granular SAS2021France
Green Energy BioFuels logoGreen Energy BioFuels2010Clean Energy GenerationNigeria
Green Li-ion2020Energy Distribution & StorageSingapore
Green Scene Energy Plc2016SDG-7Ethiopia
Greenbird logoGreenbird Integration Technology AS2010Energy Distribution & StorageNorway
Greenjoules logoGreenjoules Pvt. Ltd2018India
GreenPocket LogoGreenPocket GmbH2017Demand-side innovationGermany
greensync logoGreenSync2010Demand-side innovationAustralia
greenventory logogreenventory GmbH2019Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
GreenYellow LogoGreenYellow Energía de Colombia S.A.S2012Demand-side innovationColombia
Greinon Engineering AB2012Energy Distribution & StorageSweden
Gridcognition2020Energy Distribution & StorageAustralia
Grid Hound LogoGridhound2015Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
gridwiz logoGridwiz Inc.2013Smart MobilityRepublic of Korea
gridx logogridX GmbH2016Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
guane enterprises logoguane enterprises2018Colombia
H2Pro logoH2Pro2019Israel
H2U Technologies logoH2U Technologies, Inc.2020United States, inc Inc.2017United States
Havenhill logoHavenhill Synergy Ltd2010SDG-7Nigeria
hawadawa logoHawa Dawa GmbH2016Smart MobilityGermany
Heatrix GmbH logoHeatrix GmbH2021Germany
HeatVentors logoHeatVentors Hőenergiatároló Kft.2017Clean Energy GenerationHungary
Heliac logoHeliac A/S2014Clean Energy GenerationDenmark
Logo HeliatekHeliatek GmbH2006Clean Energy GenerationGermany
Hempire LogoHempire2015Demand-side innovationUkraine
Hergele Mobility2019Smart MobilityTurkey
Hergele Teknoloji Anonim Sirketi logoHergele Teknoloji Anonim Sirketi2019Smart MobilityTurkey
Hero Balancer logoHero Balancer2015Energy Distribution & StorageNetherlands
HeyCharge GmbH logoHeyCharge GmbH2020Smart MobilityGermany
hiLyte logohiLyte2018SDG-7Switzerland
Hive power logoHive Power Sagl2017Energy Distribution & StorageSwitzerland
HumanLearning logoHumanLearning2013United Kingdom
Hydra logo in blueHydra Energy Corporation2015Smart MobilityCanada
Hydrobox logoHydrobox Kenya Ltd2018SDG-7Kenya
Logo Hydrogenious TechnologiesHydrogenious Technologies GmbH2013Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
HYGEN logoHYGEN2009Smart MobilityLatvia
Hygge Power logoHygge Power2017Energy Distribution & StorageUnited States
Hyko logoHyko2014SDG-7Netherlands
Hyperion Robotics Oy logoHyperion Robotics Oy2020Finland
HySiLabs2015Energy Distribution & StorageFrance
ICwhatUC Incorporated logoICwhatUC Incorporated2018Demand-side innovationCanada
in sun we trust logoIn Sun We Trust2015Energy Distribution & StorageFrance
Ineratec logoIneratec GmbH2016Clean Energy GenerationGermany
iNex Circular2018Clean Energy GenerationFrance
Infrasolid logoInfrasolid2017Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
innocorps LogoInnocorps Research Corporation2009Demand-side innovationCanada
Innovating Green Technology logoInnovating Green Technology (IGT)2017Demand-side innovationLebanon
Insolar logoInsolar Technology GmbH2019Switzerland
Logo insolightInsolight SA2015Clean Energy GenerationSwitzerland
Inspirafarms logoInspirafarms2012Energy Distribution & StorageUnited Kingdom
instagrid logoinstagrid GmbH2018Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
Installion logoInstallion GmbH2019Germany
interpanel logointerpanel GmbH2017Demand-side innovationGermany
Inti-Tech logoInti-Tech2016Energy Distribution & StorageChile
Invisible Urban Charging logoInvisible Urban Charging Ltd2019Smart MobilityNew Zealand
ioki logoioki GmbH2018Smart MobilityGermany
Ionomr logoIonomr Innovations Inc.2016Clean Energy GenerationCanada
Ionseed2013Energy Distribution & StoragePortugal
Jaza Energy2015SDG-7Canada
Jiro-Ve logoJiro-Ve2014SDG-7Madagascar
Jungle logoJungle2017Energy Distribution & StoragePortugal
KEYOU logoKEYOU GmbH2015Smart MobilityGermany
Koala Lifter logoKoalaLifter2014Spain
KOKO logoKOKO Networks2014SDG-7Kenya
Komodo Water logoKomodo Water2010SDG-7Indonesia
Koolboks SAS2018SDG-7France
KRADAC logoKRADAC CIA. LTDA.2010Smart MobilityEcuador
KRAFTBLOCK logoKraftblock GmbH2014Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
Kraftwerk TUBES GmbH logokraftwerk TUBES GmbH2016Smart MobilityGermany
KUGU Home GmbH2016Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
KunTech logoKunTech2015SDG-7Kazakhstan
KWOTA OÜ logoKWOTA OÜ2021Estonia
Kyuka ventures innovation hub logoKyuka Ventures Innovation Hub2020SDG-7Uganda
Laava Technologies logoLaava Tech Inc.2017Energy Distribution & StorageUnited States
LANCEY Energy Storage2016France
Leaftech logoLeaftech GmbH2017Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
LEDCity logo in blueLEDCity AG2017Demand-side innovationSwitzerland
LexerTexer logoLexaTexer (AvailabilityPlus GmbH)2017Clean Energy GenerationGermany
Lexx Technologies logoLexX Technologies Pty Ltd2012Energy Distribution & StorageAustralia
LeydenJar logoLeydenJar Technologies2016Energy Distribution & StorageNetherlands
Li-Cycle LogoLi-Cycle2016Smart MobilityCanada
LIGHTHEAT P.C.2017Clean Energy GenerationGreece
Liter of Light logo in blueLiter of Light2017SDG-7Philippines
Lition logoLition Energie GmbH2017Germany
Litro Solar logoLitro Solar SAS2011SDG-7Colombia
Little Sun logoLittle Sun2012SDG-7Germany
Live-eo logoLiveEO2011Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
LO3 Energy2012Energy Distribution & StorageUnited States
loclab logoLocLab Consulting GmbH2018Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
Lumenaza logoLumenaza GmbH2013Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
Lumoview Building Analytics GmbH logoLumoview Building Analytics GmbH2019Germany
Magic Ventures2014Energy Distribution & StorageNetherlands
Manamuz Electric Coldbox Store logoManamuz Electric Ltd2016SDG-7Nigeria
MeSolShare logoME-SOLshare2015Demand-side innovationBangladesh
Mega Gas Alternative Energy_LogoMega Gas Alternative Energy Enterprise Ltd2019SDG-7Kenya
Mellowcabs logoMellowcabs2012Smart MobilitySouth Africa
Mera Gao Power logoMera Gao Power (MGP)2010Clean Energy GenerationIndia
methetnet2016Energy Distribution & StorageThe Netherlands
Metroscope2017Clean Energy GenerationFrance
Logo Meva EnergyMeva Energy2008Clean Energy GenerationSweden
Milênio Bus LogoMilênio Bus2018Smart MobilityBrazil
Mixergy Ltd. logoMixergy Ltd2014United Kingdom
Mobike logoMobike Germany2015Smart MobilityChina
Modvion2017Clean Energy GenerationSweden
MOLABO GmbH2016Smart MobilityGermany
Monta logoMonta2020Smart MobilityDenmark
Motiontag logoMOTIONTAG GmbH2015Smart MobilityGermany
MPower Ventures logoMPower Ventures AG2017SDG-7Cameroon, Namibia, Spain, Switzerland, Togo, Zambia
Multicon Solar logoMulticon AG & Co. KG2014Clean Energy GenerationGermany
Myrspoven AB logoMyrspoven AB2017Sweden
Nabrawind Technologies SL2017Clean Energy GenerationSpain
Naco Technologies logoNaco Technologies2020Latvia
NanoSun Limited logoNanosun Ltd2017Smart MobilityUnited Kingdom
Nanvio logoNanvio AB2018Energy Distribution & StorageSweden
Navalt Solar & Electric Boats Pvt Ltd logoNavalt Solar & Electric Boats Pvt Ltd2013Smart MobilityIndia
NAWATechnologies logoNAWATechnologies2013Energy Distribution & StorageFrance, Inc., Inc.2015United States
net2grid logoNET2GRID2011Energy Distribution & StorageNetherlands
NEU Energy2019Demand-side innovationColombia
NeuronSW logo in redNeuronSW SE2016Demand-side innovationCzech republic
New leaf dynamic technologies logoNew Leaf Dynamic Technologies (P) Ltd2012Energy Distribution & StorageIndia
Newatt2015Demand-side innovationBrazil
Nispera logoNispera AG2015Clean Energy GenerationSwitzerland
Nithio logoNithio Holdings, Inc.2018SDG-7United States
NiveauUp logoNiveauUp Inc.2018Smart MobilityUnited States
Nizam Energy logoNizam Energy2016SDG-7Pakistan
nOa climate2019SDG-7Germany GmbH2016Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
Novihum logoNovihum Technologies GmbH2012SDG-7Germany
NovoGrid Ltd2018Energy Distribution & StorageIreland
novomoto logoNovoMoto2016SDG-7United States
Logo nuventuranuventura GmbH2017Clean Energy GenerationGermany
NYDRO ENERGY S.A.S.2018Energy Distribution & StorageArgentina
NyQuest Innovation Labs logoNyQuest Innovation Labs2017India
Odit-e logoOdit-e2017Energy Distribution & StorageFrance
OEEX logoOEEX GmbH2015Demand-side innovationGermany
OffGridBox logo in green and blackOffGridBox2016SDG-7United States
Omniflow SA2014Clean Energy GenerationPortugal
ONergy Solar logoONergy Solar2009SDG-7India
OneWatt logoOneWatt Solutions HQ2017Energy Distribution & StorageNetherlands
ONOMOTION2012Smart MobilityGermany
Oorja logoOorja Development Solutions India Ltd2016SDG-7India
OpusOne LogoOpus One Solutions2011Energy Distribution & StorageCanada
Orcan Energy logoOrcan Energy AG2008Clean Energy GenerationGermany
Ormera logoOrmera AG2019Demand-side innovationSwitzerland
Pamodzi Bio Energy Solutions2022SDG-7Nigeria
Pantonium logoPantonium2010Smart MobilityCanada
Paragon Mobility SAS logoParagon Mobility SAS2019Smart MobilityFrance
ParkHere logoParkHere GmbH2015Smart MobilityGermany
Logo Parking Energy in blueParking Energy2014Smart MobilityFinland
PassiveLogic logoPassiveLogic2016Demand-side innovationUnited States
pawame logoPawame2015SDG-7Kenya
Persee2016Clean Energy GenerationFrance
perto LogoPerto GmbH2016Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
pexapark logoPexapark AG2017Energy Distribution & StorageSwitzerland
Photom Technologies logoPhotom Technologies Private Ltd2018Energy Distribution & StorageIndia
Phytonix logoPhytonix Corporation2009Clean Energy GenerationUnited States
PIONIX GmbH2013Smart MobilityGermany
Plactherm2013Energy Distribution & StorageSpain
Planet Ark Power logoPlanet Ark Power (eleXsys Energy)2014Energy Distribution & StorageAustralia
Platio Solar2015Clean Energy GenerationHungary
Plexigrid S.L. logoPlexigrid S.L.2020Spain
Plugsurfing logoPlugsurfing GmbH2012Smart MobilityGermany
Poduhvat Hydrokinetics LTD2012Energy Distribution & StorageUnited Kingdom
Poligy logoPoligy GmbH2018Demand-side innovationGermany
Pollinate Group logoPollinate Group Ltd2012SDG-7Australia
Ponera Group logoPonera Group2019Smart MobilitySwitzerland
Power-Blox logoPower-Blox AG; Power-Blox Ltd.2015SDG-7Switzerland
Powerstove Energy2018SDG-7Nigeria
PowerUp energy technologies logoPowerUP Fuel Cells2016Clean Energy GenerationEstonia
Prisma Photonics logoPrisma Photonics+B56:B1062017Energy Distribution & StorageIsrael
proficloud (smartB Energy Management GmbH)2013Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
Prosumir logoProsumir2014Energy Distribution & StorageBrazil
Pyro-E logoPyro-E2013Smart MobilityUnited States
q-bility GmbH logoq-bility GmbH2022Smart MobilityGermany
Qingdao MKL Technologies Corporation2008Energy Distribution & StorageChina
Qlayers logoQlayers2017Clean Energy GenerationNetherlands
RUUT8 OÜ logoR8 Technologies2017Demand-side innovationEstonia
RABOT CHARGE GmbH logoRABOT CHARGE GmbH2021Smart MobilityGermany
Rafiki Power (by E.ON Off Grid Solutions)2013SDG-7Germany
Logo Rated PowerRatedPower2017Energy Distribution & StorageSpain
Raycatch LogoRaycatch2015Energy Distribution & StorageIsrael
re.alto logore.alto-energy srl2019Energy Distribution & StorageBelgium
REConnect logoREConnect Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd2010Energy Distribution & StorageIndia
RedGrid logo in redRedGrid2018Energy Distribution & StorageAustralia
Reeddi logoReeddi Inc.2018SDG-7Canada
reengen logoREENGEN ENERJI TEKNOLOJILERI ANONIM SIRKETI2012Demand-side innovationTurkey
Relectrify logoRelectrify Pty Ltd2015Energy Distribution & StorageAustralia
renergom logo in greenRENERGON International AG2010Clean Energy GenerationSwitzerland
Renew Power Projects Ltd2017SDG-7Pakistan
Rensource logoRensource Distributed Energy Ltd2016SDG-7Nigeria
Reverion logo blue and greenReverion GmbH (BioCORE)2022Clean Energy GenerationGermany
Rhebo logoRhebo GmbH2013Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
RideTandem logoRideTandem2019Smart MobilityUnited Kingdom
Rondo Energy logoRondo Energy2020United States
Roofit Solar Energy OÜ logoRoofit Solar Energy OÜ2016Clean Energy GenerationEstonia
Rudolf Energy2020Mexico
RUNWITHIT logoRUNWITHIT Synthetics Inc.2014Smart MobilityCanada
rvolt logorvolt2019Germany
s4s technologies logoS4S Technologies2011SDG-7India
Searover2014Clean Energy GenerationTurkey
seeO2 energy logoSeeO2 Energy Inc2018Energy Distribution & StorageCanada
Sense Labs Inc.2018United States
Sentrisense GmbH logoSentrisense GmbH2013Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
Sereema2017Clean Energy GenerationFrance
Shanghai Lianyu Energy Technology Co. Ltd (Energo Labs)2016Energy Distribution & StorageChina
Shanghai Tellhow Meinergy Technology Co., Ltd.2016China
Logo SicoyaSicoya2015Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
Singularity Computing logoSingularity Computing2017Clean Energy GenerationAlgeria
Skeleton Technologies2009Smart MobilityEstonia, Germany
SmartGreen LogoSmart GreeN Charge2017Smart MobilityFrance
Smart Load Solutions logoSmart Load Solutions OÜ2014Demand-side innovationEstonia
smart-me logo in blue and greensmart-me AG2014Demand-side innovationSwitzerland
SmartGrid logoSmartGrid2019The Netherlands
SmartHelio logoSmartHelio Sarl2019Clean Energy GenerationSwitzerland
Smartive logoSmartive2013Energy Distribution & StorageSpain
Smartpulse Teknoloji A.Ş.2015Energy Distribution & StorageUnited Kingdom
Solaires Entreprises Inc2020Canada
Solandeo logoSolandeo GmbH2014Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
Solar AI Technologies Pte. Ltd2018Clean Energy GenerationSingapore
Solar Earth Technologies logoSolar Earth Technologies Ltd.2015Clean Energy GenerationCanada
Solar Freeze logo in green and blueSolar Freeze2017SDG-7Kenya
Solar PiezoClean2015Energy Distribution & StorageJordan
Solarcool2018SDG-7South Africa
Solaris GreenTech Hub logoSolaris GreenTech Hub2021SDG-7Nigeria
SolarisOffgrid logoSolaris Offgrid2014SDG-7Spain
SolarisKit Ltd2021SDG-7United Kingdom
Solaristique Nigeria Limited_Logo logoSolaristique Nigeria Ltd2019SDG-7Nigeria
SolarKal logo in greenSolarKal2015Clean Energy GenerationUnited States
Solarkiosk logo in blueSOLARKIOSK AG2011Clean Energy GenerationGermany
SolarLatam logo in yellowSolarLatam2016Energy Distribution & StorageArgentina
SolarPipo logoSolarPipo B.V.2017SDG-7Netherlands
SolarTracker SpA2017Energy Distribution & StorageChile
SolarTurtle logoSolarTurtle2012SDG-7South Africa
Solarworx GmbH_LogoSolarworx GmbH2017SDG-7Germany
Solarworx logoSolarWorX UG2017SDG-7Germany
Solaxess logoSolaxess SA2015Clean Energy GenerationSwitzerland
SolCold logo in blue and yellowSolCold – Cooling by Sunlight2016Clean Energy GenerationIsrael
Soletair Power Oy logoSoletair Power Oy2016Finland
Logo SolhoSOLHO B.V.2017Demand-side innovationNetherlands
Solmove logoSolmove GmbH2014Clean Energy GenerationGermany
solpad logoSolPad, Inc.2012Energy Distribution & StorageUnited States
Solpod logoSolpod Pty Ltd2017Clean Energy GenerationAustralia
solstice logoSolstice Initiative2014SDG-7United States
Soluz Energia logoSoluz Energia2014Clean Energy GenerationBrazil
Solynta logo in black and yellowSolynta Nigeria Ltd2013SDG-7Nigeria
Solytic GmbH2017Demand-side innovationGermany
Soraytec Scandinavia logo in blueSoraytec Scandinavia AS2015Energy Distribution & StorageNorway
Sosai Renewable Energies Company logoSosai Renewable Energies Company2012SDG-7Nigeria
Spark e-Fuels GmbH logoSpark e-Fuels GmbH2021Germany
SparkMeter logoSparkMeter, Inc.2013Energy Distribution & StorageUnited States
Spottitt Ltd2017United Kingdom
STABL logoSTABL Energy GmbH2019Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
Standard Microgrid Inc.2012SDG-7United States, Zambia
SteamaCo logoSteamaCo2012Energy Distribution & StorageUnited Kingdom
Sterblue in grey and blueSterblue2016Demand-side innovationFrance
Strauss Energy logoStrauss Energy2008Clean Energy GenerationKenya
Sun Exchange logoSun Exchange2015SDG-7South Africa
SUNami logo in redSUNami AS2016SDG-7Norway
suncrafter logoSunCrafter – solar generation2018SDG-7Germany
SunCulture logoSunCulture2012SDG-7Kenya
sunew logoSunew2015Clean Energy GenerationBrazil
SunnyMoney logoSunnyMoney2008SDG-7United Kingdom
Sunovate logoSunovate2018Clean Energy GenerationAustralia
Sunoyster logoSunoyster Systems GmbH2011Clean Energy GenerationGermany
SunRoof logoSunRoof Technology Sp. z o.o.2019Clean Energy GenerationSweden
Logo SunSawangSunSawang Company Ltd2013SDG-7Thailand
Supercritical Solutions Ltd logoSupercritical Solutions Ltd2020United Kingdom
surve mobility logoSurve Mobility (Chargery GmbH)2017Smart MobilityGermany
Sustainable Green Fuel Enterprise (SGFE) logo in green and greySustainable Green Fuel Enterprise (SGFE)2012SDG-7Cambodia
Swimsol logoSwimsol GmbH2012Clean Energy GenerationAustria
SwitchDin logoSwitchDin2014Energy Distribution & StorageAustralia
Swobbee logo in orange and greySwobbee GmbH2017Smart MobilityGermany
Teraloop logo in green and blueTeraloop Oy2014Energy Distribution & StorageFinland
Tesvolt Logo in green and greyTESVOLT GmbH (didn’t want to be part of the database)2014Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
Tevatronic logoTevatronic2012Demand-side innovationIsrael
The Air Company logo in blackThe Air Company2017Demand-side innovationUnited States
Logo TESSOLThermal Energy Service Solutions (TESSOL)2013Smart MobilityIndia
thermondo logoThermondo GmbH2012Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
Tiino Techmations Pvt Ltd2014Energy Distribution & StorageIndia
tiko logo in redtiko – Swisscom Energy Solutions AG2012Demand-side innovationSwitzerland
Transition-one logoTRANSITION-ONE2018Smart MobilityFrance
Tretbox logoTretbox GmbH (ONO)2016Smart MobilityGermany
trine logoTRINE2015SDG-7Sweden
Triple Solar logoTriple Solar2009Clean Energy GenerationNetherlands
twaice in blueTWAICE Technologies GmbH2018Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
twingtec logoTwingTec AG2013Clean Energy GenerationSwitzerland
ucair Logo in blackucair (Acquired by Above)2017Demand-side innovationGermany
uHoo logo in green and blackuHoo Pte Ltd2015Demand-side innovationSingapore
Unergy2013Clean Energy GenerationColombia
Uprise Energy2011Energy Distribution & StorageUnited States
uptime analytics logo in blueUptime Analytics2016Demand-side innovationColombia
Urban Sympheny AG logoUrban Sympheny AG2020Switzerland
Urbio logo in blueUrbio AG2020Energy Distribution & StorageSwitzerland
Vacus Tech Pvt Ltd2014India
Flowbox logoVersius / Domey2012Demand-side innovationCzech republic
Vertebra Soluciones logoVertebra Soluciones S.A.S2016Demand-side innovationColombia
VFlow Tech Pte Ltd2017Energy Distribution & StorageSingapore
Vilisto Logo in greenvilisto GmbH2016Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
VIDA TFE ENERGY logoVillage Data Analytics (TFE Energy GmbH)2015SDG-7Germany
village energy logoVillage Energy2009SDG-7Uganda
Village power logo in grey and yellowVillage Power Uganda2014SDG-7Uganda
Volabo logo in violetVOLABO GmbH2016Smart MobilityGermany
Logo Volex PowerVolex2016Energy Distribution & StorageIsrael
Voltaware Services logo in greenVoltaware Services Ltd2015Demand-side innovationUnited Kingdom
voltstorage logo in redVoltStorage GmbH2016Energy Distribution & StorageGermany
Vortex logo in blueVortex Bladeless2013Clean Energy GenerationSpain
Vuma Biofuels logo in black and greenVuma Biofuels2017SDG-7Kenya
Vutility logo in blue and greyVutility, Inc.2015Demand-side innovationUnited States
Waste 2 watt logoWaste-2-Watt2015SDG-7Nigeria
Waterotor logo in blue and greyWaterotor Energy Technologies Inc.2011Clean Energy GenerationCanada
WattIQ logo in greenWATTIQ (Ibis Networks)2013Energy Distribution & StorageUnited States
Wattnow logo in greenWattnow SA2018Demand-side innovationTunisia
WATTPARK logoWATTPARK2020Smart MobilityFrance
Wattwatchers logoWattwatchers Pty Ltd2007Energy Distribution & StorageAustralia
Watty logo in orangeWatty2013Energy Distribution & StorageSweden
WeavAir logo in orange and dark blueWeavAir2017Demand-side innovationCanada
WeDoSolar GmbH logoWeDoSolar GmbH2021Germany
WeGaw SA2016Clean Energy GenerationSwitzerland
Volvero logo in blue and whiteWego srl (Volvero)2018Smart MobilityItaly
wepower logo in blackWePower UAB2017Energy Distribution & StorageLithuania
wiferion logo in blue and greyWiferion (Blue Inductive GmbH)2016Smart MobilityGermany
WIND MY ROOF2018Clean Energy GenerationFrance
WinJi True Power. Logo in green and blueWinJi AG2016Clean Energy GenerationSwitzerland
WLE Innovation Hub logo in blackWLE Innovation Hub GmbH2019Demand-side innovationGermany
X-SOLAR logo in greenX-SOLAR SYSTEMS (M-PAYG)2015SDG-7Denmark
xcharge logo in blueXcharge2015Smart MobilityChina
YAYZY logo in blackYAYZY Ltd2019Demand-side innovationUnited Kingdom
zaphiro logo in blue and blackZaphiro Technologies SA2017Energy Distribution & StorageSwitzerland
Zeigo logo in blueZeigo Ltd2018Clean Energy GenerationUnited Kingdom
Logo Zeleros in blackZeleros2016Smart MobilitySpain
Zembo Logo, green, blue and yellowZembo Motorcycle SMC Ltd2018Smart MobilityUganda GmbH GmbH2021Germany
ZipCharge2021Smart MobilityUnited Kingdom
zolar logo in blue and orangeZOLAR GmbH2016Demand-side innovationGermany
Zoomo logoZoomo (Bolt)2017Smart MobilityAustralia
ZOOZ Power logoZOOZ (Chakratec)2013Smart MobilityIsrael
ZunRoof Tech logoZunRoof Tech2016Demand-side innovationIndia
Zurich Soft Robotics GmbH logoZurich Soft Robotics GmbH2022Switzerland
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