Sahas Urja Ltd

Category: Clean Energy & Storage

Funding Stage: Mid stage

Country: Nepal

Award: Participant

Sahas Ujra Ltd is hydropower developing company established on 14 July 2014 as public limited company by the veterans of energy, banking and cooperative sectors of Nepal. Our initial two projects have set a milestone with national records in various fields, being the largest privately owned hydropower project and third largest project of the country. The 86 MW project was completed under the estimated budget and time. The objective of our company is to contribute balanced economic development of the country by harnessing water resources and generating electricity. We prioritize the preservation of aquatic and engagement of local communities to ensure the projects bring socio-economic benefits by involving every project effected household as investor of the company. Our group comprises two projects in operation phase two new projects are all set for construction and three projects in process of Power Purchase Agreement with net production capacity of total 1000 MWs.