The Five Set Award 2024 Winners in Their Own Words

The SET Award Ceremony has been the climax of the SET Tech Festival in Berlin since 2017. The international award for innovative business ideas for energy transition and climate protection was presented last week for the eighth time. Awarded across five high-impact and industry-relevant categories, “Clean Energy & Storage“, “Mobility & Transportation“, “Industry“, “Buildings & Construction” and “Quality Energy Access & SDG-7“, the SET Award has established itself as one of the world’s pre-eminent awards for entrepreneurs working in clean energy and climate tech.

The SET Award 2024 Winners

The 15 SET finalists, selected from over 430 applications and over 75 countries through winter 2023-24, presented their ideas to an international jury of experts at the SET Tech Festival. The five winning startups each received €10,000 in prize money and were announced live from the WECC at the SET Award Ceremony, held as part of the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue’s (BETD) official Evening Reception on 19 March. The following day, the winners participated in the SET panel on startups, clean energy and green tech in the energy transition as part of this year’s BETD on 20 March.

Read on below to see what the winners say about their solutions, their startups and their inspiration. And too keep up with them, follow SET on LinkedIn.

The winners of the 2024 Start Up Energy Transition Award are:

Clean Energy & Storage

Cling Systems, Sweden

Cling Systems, SET24
Image: photothek/Ute Grabowsky

Cling Systems is a company that enables repurposing, reusing, and recycling of end-of-life batteries. It offers a B2B marketplace, a logistics platform, and a network of partners to create a sustainable battery economy. Its Circular Asset Management System (CAM system) has developed a digital infrastructure and a global service network to accelerate the circular economy, providing solutions for the entire value chain, including trade, traceability and transport.

Mobility & Transportation

Roam, Kenya

Roam Electric, SET24
Image: photothek/Ute Grabowsky

Roam Electric offers electric motorcycles, buses, and energy systems for sustainable and affordable transportation. It focuses on the huge but fragmented East Africa market and strives for a future where all Africans can access a sustainable, non-fragmented public transport system.


Magnotherm, Germany

Magnotherm, SET24
Image: photothek/Ute Grabowsky

Magnotherm is a young company that began as a startup spin-off from Technische Universität Darmstadt. The young company’s international team of over 40 people is led by Timur Sirman, pictured, and Dr. Max Fries. Magnotherm’s innovative technology is based on solid magnetocaloric materials, magnets, and water. The science itself is old, but the solution is brand new and has the potential to revolutionise cooling worldwide. Magnotherm‘s tech increases efficiency by up to 40 per cent and completely eliminates refrigerant gases, thereby avoiding direct greenhouse gas emissions.  

Buildings & Construction

SolCold, Israel

SolCold, SET24
Image: photothek/Ute Grabowsky

SolCold is developing a sustainable, self-cooling coating that uses sunlight to reduce the interior temperature of buildings or vehicles without consuming electricity. Founded in 2016, SolCold is a world leader in outdoor cooling coatings research and development. It aims to provide environmentally friendly, solar-powered cooling solutions.

Quality Access & SDG-7

VIDA, Germany

Tobias Engelmeier and Nabin Raj Gaihre of VIDA at SET Awards 2024. Image: photothek/Ute Grabowsky

VIDA is a map-based geodata software that contributes to achieving the SDGs, particularly SDG-7. It enables users to channel investments, assess sites and monitor impacts to implement solar energy solutions by assessing climate risks, tracking their impact, and meeting reporting requirements. VIDA’s mission is to help people understand the world we need and empower them to take swift action toward a better future.

To find out more about this year’s finalists and winners, download the SET100 List 2024, compiling the 100 most innovative startups and their solutions working in clean energy and climate tech.

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