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SET Award Ceremony Winners

Presenting the Five Winners of the SET Award 2023

Top 5 Global Energy Start-ups. Discover the winners of the SET Award 2023, the solutions for a global energy transition.

Modvion co-founders, Otto Lundman and David Olivegren. Image: Paul Wennerholm.

SET Success Stories: Revisiting Recent Winners S4S Technologies, Modvion & TESSOL

Our latest SET Success Stories deep dives into cold-chain and food preservation with TESSOL and S4S Technologies, and wind power with Modvion.

Salma Islam, Head of Projects, Fundraising & Communications, SOLshare. SET Success Stories, January 2023

SET Success Stories: Charting the Rise of SET Winners SwitchDin, SOLshare & ONOMOTION

Discover the success stories of SwitchDin (Australia), SOLshare (Bengladesh) & ONOMOTION (Germany), past SET Award winners.

Investments for Impact: Tips for Climate Tech Start-ups to Secure Funding

4 tips from climate tech investors investing in innovative start-ups. Get to know what they are looking for.

Germany’s New Start-up Strategy: €30 Billion to Unlock Start-ups’ Potential

Germany’s New Start-up Strategy: €30 Billion to Unlock Start-ups’ Potential

Germany is determined to fight climate change by fostering clean innovation. Learn more about Germany’s €30Bn start-up strategy.

SET100 List - The Top 100 Energy Start-ups of 2022

Unveiling the SET100 List of 2022

Start Up Energy Transition (SET) is proud to unveil its 6th SET100 List, the annual compilation of the most promising global innovators in the energy transition who are transforming the […]

Ecoligo and their low-cost solar solutions

SET 2021 Finalist: ecoligo Provides Low-cost Solar Solutions to Local Businesses

Presenting ecoligo, our SET 2021 finalist and winner, shaking up clean energy generation industry with their low-cost solar solutions.

WinJi: Asset Management Solutions

SET 2021 Finalist: WinJi Provides Inventive Asset Management Solutions

Presenting WinJi, our SET 2021 finalist, whose asset management system is maximising efficiency of the clean energy generation industry.

PowerUP: Paving the Way for Hydrogen Fuel

SET 2021 Finalist: PowerUP Paves the Way for Hydrogen Fuel

Presenting PowerUP, our SET Award 2021 finalist, whose hydrogen powered generators are changing the clean energy generation industry.