Energy Frontrunners ’23: Energy Dome Solved the Intermittency Problem

“The energy transition is extremely urgent but we are ready for it today,” explains Energy Dome’s CEO and founder, the engineer Claudio Spadacini.

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This week sees the relaunch of our Energy Frontrunners series, in which we present the year’s best energy and climate tech solutions and the people behind them. Join us as we take a closer look at the 15 finalists and five category winners of the SET Award 2023!

In our first interview, we sat down with the winner of the SET Award 2023, Energy Dome. After taking home the prize for the best innovation in the Clean Energy & Storage category, Spadacini tells us the story of how Energy Dome’s solution became a working reality, plus where the company is going next. Energy Dome is unlocking utility-scale, long-duration energy storage using materials that are already available! Energy Dome’s CO₂ battery enables dispatchable renewable electricity to make the net zero energy transition possible. The battery is based on a thermodynamic process that uses CO₂ to store electricity cost-effectively.

The Best Clean Energy & Storage Solutions 2023

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Joining Energy Dome in the Clean Energy & Storage category was France’s Granular Energy and Roofit.Solar Energy from Estonia. With this category we recognised the best international start-ups working on generating, storing and distributing renewable energy.

Stay tuned for more SET Award 2023 Energy Frontrunner stories coming soon. Next up: the Transportation & Mobility category with winner, Navalt. Until then, check out our YouTube channel where the Energy Frontrunners series is also available as mobile-friendly Shorts!

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