Keey Aerogel

Category: Buildings & Construction

Funding Stage: Early stage

Country: France

Award: Finalist

We are a start up company (established in 2015) based in Habsheim France , we employ 12 people and are focused on the conversion of building demolition waste (cement, brick, asbestos) in to high value insulating silica aerogels . Our business is circular in essence taking waste from the building site and reusing it in high performance insulating materials applied to building in both the new and renovation sectors. We have capacity to produce 1000m3 of silica aerogel today and are in the due dilligence stage of a 3 year investment plan to increase our capacity by 15x . We are a member of the FrenchTech Green20 cohort of 2022 and have been awarded both the Coq Blue (deeptech) and Coq Vert (ecological transition) accolades of the French government. Our primary focus is to reduce the costs of aerogels to multiply the opportunities in the building Industry.