Ubabio Eco-Solutions Nig. Ltd.


Funding Stage: Early stage

Country: Nigeria

Award: Participant

Ubabio Eco-Solutions is a social enterprise in Nigeria that provides affordable and sustainable biomass energy and organic fertilizers from recycled organic waste. The company collects organic waste from businesses, households, and farms, and then recycles it into renewable biomass energy and organic fertilisers. These eco-friendly solutions not only provide affordable and accessible energy alternatives but also contribute to improved soil fertility and crop yields, addressing food security challenges. With a strong emphasis on community empowerment and environmental sustainability, Ubabio actively engages local communities, fostering awareness of sustainable waste management and advocating for cleaner energy practices, thus fostering inclusive growth and environmental stewardship. Ubabio Eco-Solutions has already made a significant impact, benefitting over 100,000 people across 23 communities with their renewable biomass energy. This initiative has resulted in a smoke-free cooking experience for individuals, along with reduced costs for cooking fuel.