Vioma Motors

Category: Smart Mobility

Funding Stage: Early stage

Country: India

Award: Participant

Vioma is an E-mobility platform that tackles the challenge of range anxiety in the EV Industry head-on. We’ve designed every aspect of our vehicles in-house, from the powertrain to the body, taking a comprehensive approach. This approach addresses concerns about limited range, charging infrastructure, and EV costs. Our innovative energy regeneration system sets it apart, which captures energy from bumps and road imperfections. At the core of our platform is a breakthrough—a metal-air battery pack with five times the energy density of lithium batteries. Vioma’s mission is simple: redefine E-mobility, remove barriers, and offer a sustainable and affordable future of transportation. We have filed 11 patents for our mobility platform and following the release of Thunderbolt in 2024, we have a line-up of high-performance bikes in the pipeline, with plans for a retro smart car, a compact two-seater, set to debut in 2027.