ClimateView AB

Category: Buildings & Construction

Funding Stage: Early stage

Country: Sweden

Award: Participant

Cities are responsible for 70% of global GHG-emissions. At the same time, city climate transitions are complex and there is little guidance available to help cities build, execute and monitor climate action plans that will deliver impactful projects and significantly reduce emissions. ClimateView helps cities take a systemic approach in their transition through a science-based methodology and a digital platform. We were founded in Sweden in 2018, following the development of the openly accessible visualization platform of the Swedish transition to net zero (“Panorama”) together with the Swedish Climate Policy Council, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and Swedish Energy Agency. Today, we work with over 80 cities, mostly in Europe. Our objective is to provide city leadership with the tools needed to proactively steer the transition to net zero, take data-driven decisions, and learn faster from each other through the exchange of data and insights.