Category: Clean Energy & Storage

Funding Stage: Early stage

Country: India

Award: Participant

Cost effective means of Renewable Energy generation and storage is the most critical part to make net zero emission a global reality. MACLEC pioneered customizable, scalable, reusable “Surface Hydro-Kinetic Turbines” which are suitable to deploy in any running water stream such as irrigation canals, rivers, tidal streams or even sewage drains. SHK Turbines have been recognized & AwardedGov’t of India, World Wildlife Fund, European Union, UNDP, NASA, BRICS’ SDG 7 Awards and many more. MACLEC is now executing more than 50 MW capacity SHK Turbine projects in India and in other countries worth of US$41 Million. Through this pitch, MACLEC introducing SHK Turbines based plug and play type long duration bulk Energy storage system which does not require mountains/rivers/etc. Its an ideal solution to store surplus grid power or intermittent solar/wind energy and supply Gigawatt scale power at the rate of up-to US$ 3C/kWh with unlimited charging/discharging cycles till 50-years+.