BiofuelCircle Private Limited

Category: Clean Energy & Storage

Funding Stage: Early stage

Country: India

Award: Participant

BiofuelCircle is a transformative digital platform that revolutionizes the bioenergy supply chain by fostering seamless connections between stakeholders within a Farm-to-Fuel Ecosystem. It empowers businesses in the bioenergy sector by streamlining the supply chain, enhancing market transparency, and optimizing resource utilization. BiofuelCircle’s user-friendly marketplace enables effortless interactions between buyers and sellers, facilitating price discovery, logistics management, financing, and data analytics. Committed to sustainability, BiofuelCircle promotes efficient biomass utilization, environmental stewardship, and social empowerment in rural communities. 850+ business enterprises use the platform to trade biofuels, and the platform reaches more than 12,000 farmers.
BiofuelCircle currently operates in 5 states in India: Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh & Tamil Nadu. Our solution includes a Digital Platform marketplace for buying/ selling biofuels, backed by supply chain services; and Supply Network that provides rural aggregation, storage for agri-residues through direct farmer participation.