InPlanet GmbH

Category: Industry

Funding Stage: Seed stage

Country: Germany

Award: Participant

Our vision is to sequester gigatons of CO2 while regenerating tropical soils in order to create a livable planet with nutritious food and healthy ecosystems for future generations. InPlanet enables farmers in the tropics to remove atmospheric CO2 with the help of the Enhanced Rock Weathering. Rock weathering is a natural process that gradually removes CO2 from the atmosphere on timescales of hundreds of thousands to millions of years. Through grinding and spreading the right rocks on farmland, ERW accelerates this natural process from millions of years to less than a decade, removing CO2 from the atmosphere on human-relevant timescales and providing important co-benefits for local and global environments, namely the reduction of chemical pesticides and fertilisers, increased yields as well as increased farmer incomes.