Wattson Smart Charging S.L.


Category: Smart Mobility

Funding Stage: Early stage

Country: Spain

Award: Participant

Wattson is a B2B charge point operator of ultra-fast, off-grid chargers for EV’s. We sell fast charge services to customers who need a powerful charge but are constrained by inadequate grid capacity at their current site(s) (or take too much time/money to upgrade this capacity). The service leverages our own technology, that can give an EV 100 km of autonomy in 5 minutes or less, and can charge up to 10 EV’s with one battery cycle. For clients like car-sharing, or taxis we use our product GO, where the battery and the chargers are assembled within an urban van. An operator provides the service. For clients that aggregate vehicles in one site, e,g rent-a-car or last mile delivery depots, the chargers stay at the client’s premises (BOX), and are self serviceable. We delivery the energy in our powervans and make sure the chargers are operational all the time.