Gilytics AG

Category: Energy Distribution & Storage

Funding Stage: Early stage

Country: Switzerland

Award: Participant

Optimising Linear Infrastructure Routing with Spatial Data Decision Support

Gilytics provides a web cloud-based service in the form of SaaS (Software as a Service) Geographic Information System (GIS) platform that identifies and visualizes multiple transmission line paths in a 3D environment in just a few seconds by using digital maps provided by governmental offices. Gilytics identifies with a unique algorithm an optimal path of the power line with corresponding investment cost estimates and calculation of analytics of the crossed land.

Today’s world is highly complex, and it is a great challenge to find new sites for linear infrastructure projects. Gilytics algorithms calculate optimal routes for such projects with the least impact on humans and nature in just seconds and display the results in a 3D environment. Our solution is used for two purposes: In a first step it is as a decision support system for the project owner to make best case scenarios and in the stakeholder engagement process to proactively communicate the project to the public, receive feedback . Our value proposition towards potential customers are time and cost savings during the project phase of new power lines, which allows them to cope with the speed of the energy transition. Using the Gilytics platform to plan new power lines compared to manual traditional methods results in approximately 50% faster and 40% cheaper planning.