Category: SDG-7

Funding Stage: Early stage

Country: Germany

Award: Winner

VIDA is map-based geospatial software to help attain the SDGs, particularly SDG 7. We enable our users in fields such as electrification, healthcare and agriculture to channel investments, assess sites and monitor impact. VIDA integrates different data streams such as satellite imagery, survey data, sensor data and assesses outcomes and allows teams to collaborate. Our software is used by The World Bank, USAID, KFW, various governments and clean energy developers in Nigeria, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Colombia, Pakistan, Mozambique, and 15 other countries. VIDA’s high accuracy rate is more than 75 percent. Most recently, VIDA mapped the renewable energy potential of Mbuji-Mayi and Kananga, two large cities in the Congo, to identify decentralized renewable electrification opportunities. This was the first project of this scale to be completed in Africa. Based on this information, funders work with private sustainable energy developers with far greater accuracy to identify and implement solar energy solutions.