MinervaS s.r.l.


Category: Smart Mobility

Funding Stage: Seed stage

Country: Italy

Award: Participant

MinervaS, a spin-off company approved by the University of Salerno (Italy), specializes in the development of cutting-edge energy conversion systems. Operating within the domains of automotive powertrains and stationary applications, MinervaS harnesses the power of IoT, Digital Twin, and Machine Learning technologies for monitoring, control, and diagnostics. The company translates the findings of extensive multi-year studies and research into innovative products that enhance the environmental sustainability of energy systems, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions. From its incorporation in July 2020, MinervaS has cultivated expertise in embedded boards and systems, communication technologies, and the management and analysis of extensive data from vehicle fleets and distributed stationary systems. The company’s commitment to innovation positions it at the forefront of the drive toward greener, more efficient, and sustainable energy solutions.