SolCold Ltd.

Category: Buildings & Construction

Funding Stage: Mid stage

Country: Israel

Award: Winner

Since its modest start in 2016, SolCold managed to overcame the initial challenges. In 2018 the company secured its first grant from the Israeli Ministry of Energy and obtained seed fundraising. In 2019, SolCold achieved success in cooling particles and secured prize placements in leading international startup challenges. In 2020 the company was granted the first patent on fluorescent and photothermal phenomena for passive cooling and received the 1st place at Global Startup Challenge. By 2021, SolCold achieved a remarkable 3ºC below ambient temperature, opened its first demo center, secured a second patent, and appeared in a few leading Israeli news channels. In 2022, SolCold managed to achieve 5ºC below ambient temperature while the company entered the first phase of round B fundraising. Finally, as relevant for 2023, SolCold has more than 20 running pilots around the world, a medium-sized capacity production line, 7 granted patents and 21 pending patents.