Category: SDG-7

Country: United States

Award: Finalist

Empowering People & Protecting the Planet

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BioLite is a clean energy company that designs and manufactures products that transform the way off grid households cook, charge devices, and light their homes.

They partner with last-mile distributors and consumer finance providers to reach under-served consumers, while delivering comprehensive marketing and after-sales service support. This model allows BioLite to focus on the section of the value chain where they have the deepest expertise in the off-grid sector – i.e., developing innovative, user-centric products – while utilizing their partners’ capacity for last-mile distribution, PAYG technology, and consumer financing.

Their flagship product is the BioLite HomeStove – an ultra-clean, electricity generating, biomass cookstove. Alongside the HomeStove, BioLite retails the SolarHome 620, an ultra affordable,feature-rich solar home system that brings modern lighting, energy, and entertainment to the off-grid home.

Since commencing operations in East Africa in 2014, BioLite has retailed 25,000 HomeStoves and 70,000 SolarHome 620s to low-income, off-grid households. They believe this specialized operating model is the most leveraged way to rapidly scale affordable, high-quality clean energy products across Sub-Saharan Africa.