Greenly (Offspend)

Category: Industry

Funding Stage: Mid stage

Country: France

Award: Participant

Just two years ago, conducting a carbon footprint analysis seemed complicated and very expensive. It required the intervention of consultants, time, and money for the company. Beyond the analysis, few alternative action plans were proposed. The technological solution deployed by Greenly revolutionizes the carbon footprint market because it is unique in being simple, intuitive, and very financially accessible. This makes it possible to democratize carbon accounting for SMEs and enable them to also commit to the climate. To date, more than 1,500 companies use Greenly on a daily basis. This offer allowed us to exceed one million in revenue in 2021, a figure multiplied by four in 2022, while tripling the number of employees (currently 180). Thanks to its latest funding round, Greenly is now an international player, supporting dozens of companies across Europe and the United States. Our ambition : become the world leader in the sector.