UP Catalyst OÜ


Category: Industry

Funding Stage: Seed stage

Country: Estonia

Award: Finalist

UP Catalyst is leading the world to sustainable carbon! We are a clean technology startup focusing on turning CO2 into valuable carbon nanomaterials and graphite for electric vehicle batteries. We effectively remove CO2 from the atmosphere and instead of storing it, we turn it into a viably commercial product. We are both a raw material supplier and a partner for those wishing to reduce their CO2 emissions. The latter can be achieved due to the use of CO2 as a feedstock abundant local resource, which allows our technology to take place anywhere in the world. Our technology, the Molten Salt Carbon Capture and Electrochemical Transformation (MSCC-ET) is powered entirely by clean energy and the only by-product is pure oxygen. We are currently upscaling our production and our automated pilot shipping container will be able to absorb 10 tons of CO2 and produce 2.7 tons of material ready by December 2023.