OtailO Returns Ltd.


Category: Smart Mobility

Funding Stage: Early stage

Country: Israel

Award: Finalist

Revenue generating and live in UK, USA and Canada, OtailO is reframing the way enterprise retailers handle returns management. Using AI and circular economy, OtailO makes real-time calculations for each return sending it to the optimal, most profitable and sustainable next best shelf. The solution reduces returns, carbon emissions and protects the margins of the retailer like never before. OtailO integrates into both standard and bespoke e-commerce platforms and IT systems. With its headless AI engine OtailO supports and leverages existing returns solutions, logistics and next life partners to transform the retailers eco-system into a multi-channel returns hub. The OtailO solution requires minimal retailer planning or participation and is easy and quick to deploy. With a team who are experts in AI, retail and supply chain, we are good to go and ready to accelerate.