Solaires Entreprises Inc.

Category: Clean Energy & Storage

Funding Stage: Seed stage

Country: Canada

Award: Participant

For over a decade, the world has tried to mass produce photovoltaic modules using perovskite which has better performance, higher energy conversion efficiency and a cleaner manufacturing process than available technologies. There’s a global need for clean, indoor solar power that isn’t satisfied by conventional solar panels. Solaires has developed an inexpensive and easy to print solar module that is revolutionising the Industry. Solaires Entreprises Inc is Canadian-based startup developing a new type of solar cells and photovoltaic modules that, unlike traditional solar cells, can generate electricity from both indoor light as well as sunlight. Our solar cells are light, thin and made of low cost recyclable materials.. Battery-powered devices need a reliable, efficient, and wireless way to be powered that isn’t satisfied by the current solutions (powergrid, batteries and silicon photovoltaic modules).