Cipher Neutron Inc.

Category: Clean Energy & Storage

Funding Stage: Early stage

Country: Canada

Award: Participant

Cipher Neutron has developed a breakthrough technology to produce green hydrogen from water. Green hydrogen is cosidered as the fuel of the future and is expected to play a major role in the energy transition. Hydrogen market is exponentially growing and is expected to surpass USD 500 billion by 2030 from its existing market value of USD 125 billion. Cipher Neutron is also growing exponentially with the hydrogen economy. Hydrogen economy is only possible with green hydrogen and Cipher Neutron’s AEM electrolyser is one of the most affordable and sustainable solution available in the market to produce green hydrogen. Cipher Neutron’s electrolysers are highly efficient which allows them to more hydrogen gas using same electricity as compared to existing green hydrogen electrolysers in the market. This allows for an affordable green hydrogen production.