Airborne Power Technologies

Category: SDG-7

Funding Stage: Early stage

Country: Tanzania

Award: Participant

Airborne Power Technologies is a pioneering startup dedicated to transforming energy accessibility in remote regions of Africa. Founded in 2022, our company specializes in innovative airborne turbine technology, designed to harness high-altitude winds for generating off-grid electricity. Our unique approach involves a buoyant structure that elevates the turbine, capturing stronger, more consistent winds at higher altitudes. This technology not only promises a sustainable and affordable energy solution but also addresses the critical issue of energy scarcity faced by over 600 million Africans. Our turbines are designed for flexibility in deployment and minimal environmental impact, significantly reducing operational costs compared to traditional methods. With a committed team of experts in renewable energy, engineering, and sustainability, Airborne Power Technologies is at the forefront of creating a greener, more energy-secure future for Africa, contributing directly to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No. 7.