SolarTracker SpA

Status: inactive

Category: Energy Distribution & Storage

Country: Chile

Award: Participant

SolarTracker is dedicated to democratizing solar operation Intelligence. They provide key information about the operation and maintenance of distributed solar plant, so operators and owners can make decisions to improve the production and the return of investment._x000D_
Using satellite information and advanced Artificial intelligence algorithms, they can determine the actual performance of any solar plan in distributed generation systems, detect and diagnose production losses, and report all this information with a maintenance plan to the operator, so they can take action and increase plant performance. SolarTracker is a company which holds the key to reduce the invested time to detect and solve faults, reduce the time for data analysis, and the way to increase the generation of the solar system. _x000D_
SolarTracker main objective is to optimize, report and take care of the wellness of the solar park. Our main clients are companies that invest in distributed generation systems as ESCO or other types of investor such as banks and financial groups. Currently, we are working with two customers in Chile, with more than 200 [kW], and we are starting a project in Mexico with over 800 [kW].