guane enterprises SAS

Category: Industry

Funding Stage: Mid stage

Country: Colombia

Award: Participant

Guane develops AI/Optimization-based software tools for energy planning, optimal market analysis, forecasting of generation and demand in energy and power, anomaly detection for preventive maintenance, and optimization of energy program demands. Based on endogenous and exogenous operational information, Guane implements its own constantly evolving data science models, including statistical, machine learning, and deep learning methods that optimize, automate, and enhance decision-making for sector actors. In Thori, (forecasting platform) technologies of the fourth industrial revolution converge with the needs of the energy transition. Differentiating elements from competitors include: (i) Tropicalization, customization, and understanding of the local context for the adaptation and parameterization of technological tools. (ii) Scientific and technological support. (iii) Multidisciplinary and expert team. Some of Guane’s competitors are: Uptime Analytics, SAS Visual Statistics, Siemens.