Micro Electrochemical Technologies SL


Category: Clean Energy & Storage

Funding Stage: Early stage

Country: Spain

Award: Participant

Founded in 2017, B5tec is a Spanish startup specialized in developing disruptive technologies to create energy storage devices.
The technology developed has achieved several certifications (UE Seal of Excellence or Bloomberg Pioneers finals) and is designed by a and experienced R&D department, being pioneers through microfluidics and organic active spices.
Currently B5tec is launching its flagship product: REDCAP, the Superbattery. The metal-free (no lithium, cobalt, or other harmful materials) battery, +25.000 charge cycles or +15 years, all components are non-toxic and free of explosive materials, eradicating the risk of fire or explosion caused by thermal runaway and last but not least: 100% local supply chain. No more mines, no more dependence on China. Towards the perfect solution for high power & energy applications. In addition, our technology has a brutal avoided co2 impact.
B5tec is commissioning its first pilot factory in Spain and it’s ready to grow exponentially.