Funding Stage: Mid stage

Country: Egypt

Award: Participant

With a population of about 100 million, Egypt is one of the most tensely polluted and highly crowded countries in the world. Dosy aims to encourage women and girls in Egypt to ride scooters and bicycles by providing them with the nearest instructors and at a suitable schedule. We create jobs for women in the process, reduce traffic congestion and pollution as well as scatter social stereotypes about women scooter and bicycle riders.
Dosy seeks to empower women economically and on the road by training more women on riding scooters and bicycles and hiring more instructors. Also, one of Dosy’s targets is to preserve the environment and mitigate the negative effects of climate change through promoting environmentally-friendly means of transport.
We substitute gas-powered cars, scooters & motorcycles in training sessions with the environmentally friendly electric scooters & bicycles in order to preserve the enviroment and promote sustainable means of transportation