Category: Clean Energy & Storage

Funding Stage: Early stage

Country: Israel

Award: Participant

Copprint is an advanced-materials deep-tech company that produces revolutionary patented copper inks. Our customers print conductive patterns in a simple process, using off-the-shelf equipment, replacing polluting and expensive chemical etching processes and silver printing. Recently, Copprint has partnered with leading PCB, PV, and RFID vendors to produce PCBs, compostable electronic circuits (copper on paper), and top-performing PV modules. This breakthrough technology empowers customers to save costs while transitioning to sustainable manufacturing.
Over the past few years, Copprint has secured over $10 million in funding and built a top-quality production facility with a capacity exceeding 50 Tons of ink per annum. The company’s distinguished investors include materials and printing Industry leaders like Henkel, HP, and Tatsuta.
With a customer base spanning more than 200 clients worldwide and a substantial tens of $M pipeline, Copprint is poised to disrupt the >$70B PCB Industry.