Category: Energy Distribution & Storage

Funding Stage: Mid stage

Country: Germany

Award: Participant

A Storage Based Sustainable Energy System

Kraftblock offers high-temperature storage systems, storing at up to 1,300°C with a storage density of more than 1.2 MWh/m3. At this level Kraftblock shows a nearly infinite service life (tested for 15,000 cycles). We store thermal energy at an outstandingly economical specific investment of 17 EUR/kWh and less – depending on temperature level. Our development is an eco-friendly sustainable granule, consisting of up to 85% recycled materials. Diverse heat transfer media can be used such as air, flue gas, oil and many more. We offer an extendable modular system i.e. with 30 and 60 MWh containers with efficient transformation also into electricity due to high storage temperature. Energy source could be industrial waste heat or renewables. The value proposition is in the reduction of fossil primary energy and the saving of CO2 emission certificates for companies. They could use cost-effective clean energy 24/7.