Prisma Photonics+B56:B106

Category: Energy Distribution & Storage

Funding Stage: Early stage

Country: Israel

Award: Participant

Monitoring Large Scale Infrastructure

Prisma Photonics is the first company to offer a highly-effective, high-fidelity, monitoring of electrical transmission lines based on pre-existing, optical communication cables. It is a pure “Sensor Free” approach: a single system can monitor 100km of transmission lines, without the need to install any sensor on the lines or towers. Prisma-Photonics’ platform is a new approach (patent pending) to Fiberoptic Sensing, enabling ultra-sensitive detection and intelligent learning detection unit targeting to revolutionize the Fiberoptic Sensing market by increasing dramatically the detection sensitivity and the target classifications capabilities, reducing significantly false alarm rate, and allowing to use already installed optical communication fibers as sensors.