Category: Clean Energy & Storage

Funding Stage: Seed stage

Country: United Kingdom

Award: Participant

We are harnessing the potential of our battery expertise to drive innovation and champion sustainability within the rapidly expanding battery sector. Our technology directly benefits diverse industries such as automotive, aerospace, motorsports, and cell manufacturing. Battery development is time consuming, expensive and carbon intensive due to reliance on physical prototyping. Building expertise and facilities for in-house battery development is a major bottleneck for many companies. To overcome this problem, we, About:Energy, through our state-of-the-art battery measurement and battery modelling IP, have developed a comprehensive database of battery models. Access to this database via an easy-to-use SaaS modelling platform reduces time-to-market, cost of battery deployment and development, whilst also lowering risk. Our technology is grounded in deep tech expertise from Imperial College London and University of Birmingham and our technical team are already established as leaders in their field. We are positioning ourselves as the Industry gateway to leading battery research.