viboo AG

Category: Buildings & Construction

Funding Stage: Seed stage

Country: Switzerland

Award: Participant

Heating and cooling of buildings are responsible for a third of the global CO2 emissions and there is a sincere need to reduce building’s energy use. At viboo, we provide self-learning predictive control algorithms via a cloud software service to manufacturers of heating equipment (such as smart thermostats). Our algorithms learn the thermal behavior of a particular building from a single week of measured data and predict how the temperature in the building will evolve in the next couple of hours depending on several factors such as the weather forecast. This allows it to calculate precisely how much heating is required to keep the desired user’s comfort, and results in 20-40% of energy savings. Manufacturers of smart thermostats can use our cloud software service to increase energy efficiency of their products at very low costs, and the end-users can simply book the service through their smart-phone or web app.