Chemolex Company

Category: Energy Distribution & Storage

Funding Stage: Early stage

Country: Kenya

Award: Participant

Impactful & Sustainable Solutions in Waste Management and Renewable Energy

Chemolex Company produces clean biofuel from the invasive water hyacinth plant by applying its patented advanced bio-conversion technology. The patented technology enables us to produce the highest amount of bio fuel from a given mass of the invasive water hyacinth plant within the shortest time possible. We distribute the biofuel to be used by Kenyan households in cooking and lighting. Additionally, the biofuel has been tested in petrol based engines where it is used as an better alternative to petrol in motor bikes and in generators for powering businesses within the off-grid communities. We currently provide clean biofuel from the invasive water hyacinth plant to 1000 households in Kenya. Additionally, we currently use the biofuel to power 10 motor bikes and generators that provides electricity to 12 different businesses.

Through the detailed laboratory research, the biofuel has been confirmed to have higher energy content than conventional carbon based energy sources such as paraffin, charcoal and firewood. Additionally, the biofuel has a higher energy content per given mass of fuel compared to other energy source. Our technologies also reduces the cost of the biofuel production hence the use of the biofuel by these households has reduced their monthly expenditure on energy for cooking and lighting by 45%.