Energy Frontrunners ’23: Navalt Is Electrifying Marine Transport

“[To make it cost effective] you have to completely reengineer the whole boat. It is not taking a boat and putting solar panels on top,” explains Sandith Thandasherry, CEO and co-founder of Navalt.

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Our Energy Frontrunner series presents the year’s best energy and climate tech solutions as well as the people behind them.

Next up is Navalt: the young Indian company that has completely redesigned marine transportation to create a clean, efficient and cost-effective solution that will decarbonise water-based transport. Not only this, but the marine tech start-up also in the technology that powers their fleet, so to present a one-stop solution of both hard and software that can revolutionise the way we travel on water over small, localised distances. What comes next? Thandasherry explains that the only logical place to invest in is more longer-distance, oceans going transport.

The Best Mobility & Transport Solutions 2023

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Joining Navalt in the Mobility & Transportation category was Sweden’s Elonroad and Spart e-Fuels from Germany. With this category we recognise the best international start-ups working on viable solutions to decarbonise the vital mobility and transportation sector.

Stay tuned for more SET Award 2023 Energy Frontrunner stories coming soon. Next up: Industry with our category winner, Heatrix. Until then, check out our YouTube channel where the Energy Frontrunners series is also available as mobile-friendly Shorts.

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