#SET20 Success: All Applications are in!

We are thrilled to announce that the application phase has officially closed on January 15, 2020 and this year’s numbers are in!

In total we have received a record-breaking 570 applications from 90 countries.

This marks yet another edition of SET that has seen substantial jumps in the numbers of both start-up applications as well as the number of countries represented. This is a testament not only to the need for a response to the imminent threat of climate change, but also to the rise of start-ups focusing on innovation in energy as a direct response.

This year’s categories covered the entire clean energy spectrum, and applicants represented all corners of the globe. The SET’20 award categories are: Renewable Energies & Materials, Digital Energy Systems, Energy Efficiency Solutions, Smart Mobility, and our Special Prize: Quality Access & SDG-7.

For more insights on our growing network and the eco-system that will drive the future global energy transition, take a look at the stats that we have gathered below.

Applications per region:

This year, 570 start-ups applied from 90 countries from all over the world. European start-ups were the most represented across all categories, making up 40% of the applications. This year saw a major rise in applications from African countries, with the continent making up 20% of all applications.  The country from which the most applications were received was Germany, representing 11.9% of all applications. Canada followed with 6.7%, followed by India with 6%. All in all, we are delighted to have received applications from more countries than ever before.

Breakdown by region:

Europe: 40%

Africa: 20%

Asia: 15%

North America: 12%

South America: 7%

All other regions: 6%

Applications per category:

The SET20 category with the most applications was Renewable Energies & Materials with 32% of all applicants.

Category 1: Renewable Energies & Materials – 32%

Category 2: Digital Energy Systems – 20%

Category 3: Energy Efficiency Solutions – 22%

Category 4: Smart Mobility – 12%

Category 5: Special Prize: Quality Access & SDG-7 – 14%

We are delighted with the scope and quality of the innovative proposals that we have received. This now leaves us in the difficult, yet exciting process of putting together the SET100 and finding our finalists for 2020 with our partners start-up rating agency, EarlyMetrics in addition to our high-level jury. Meet our jury here.

Who will be pitching in front of the top stakeholders from the energy sector in Berlin on March 24th, 2020 at SET20 Tech Festival? And who will ultimately be awarded the top prize of their category? Stay tuned and get your tickets for the Tech Festival now!

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