SET18 Finalist: BioLite’s Mini-Doc Series Unpacking the Micro-Revolution of Energy in East Africa

For half the planet, access to energy remains elusive, unreliable, and expensive. In east Africa, where traditional structures fail or are slow to form, a decentralized network of energy has taken its place; a micro-revolution of practical solutions that start with the individual.

Connecting The Watts is a 3-part miniseries from BioLite that explores three personal-scale innovations in energy in east Africa and their surprisingly interconnected impact on economy, communication, climate, and more.

Click here to watch the series.

BioLite designs and develops household-scale clean energy technologies, working with last-mile distributors and consumer finance providers to reach off-grid consumers. Their goal is to improve energy access for off-grid households through technologies such as clean cookstoves and solar lights. BioLite were 2018 Start up Energy Transition Award Finalists in the Special Prize: SDG-7 category.


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