SET22 Finalist: R8 Technologies Ensures Energy Efficiency for Commercial Buildings

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AI That Helps Reduce Energy Consumption

Founded in 2017, this young Estonian start-up provides commercial real estate clients with their “first digital employee.” Their intelligent software, the R8 Operator, is one of the most successful AI-based tools globally. It helps reduce 15-20% of the total energy cost of buildings.

Having already reduced 20 million kilograms C02 from their clients’ consumption, CEO Siim Täkker says, “We provide our customers with the greenest energy. Greenest energy is the energy that is never consumed and thus, never produced… If this technology is applied globally, it can reduce up 1-2% of total C02 emissions.”

R8 Technologies in Berlin

Meet R8 Technologies’ team, our finalists in the demand-side innovation category, at the sixth edition of the SET Tech Festival 2022, in Berlin on 20 September. Join us to take a deep-dive into the latest energy technologies, industry insights, the work of most promising start-ups but first and foremost, discover the stories that continually drive energy transition. In the course of the Award ceremony, we will announce the winners of this year’s SET Award from each of the five categories.

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