Google DeepMind confirmed for Tech Festival Keynote

We are more than happy to announce the next highlights of the Tech Festival in Berlin on March 20th.

****How will AI transform energy and mobility sectors? We are thrilled to announce that Google DeepMind will be present to help answer that question on Tech Festival****

****We are looking forward to the fireside chat with Hyperloop and Uber****

****18 finalists now selected to pitch at the Tech Festival to compete for the award****

****E.ON to conduct a corporate start-up workshop on blockchain opportunities****

****innogy to conduct a corporate start-up workshop on future mobility to identify promising start-ups and to find future co-workers****

For all information and ticket follow this link.

When: March 20, 2017

Where: Kulturbrauerei Berlin, Germany

[powr-map id=754f5709_1488805400201]

More than 500 start-ups from 66 countries all around the globe applied for the award. You can expect to meet 60+ start-ups from 6 categories:
Mobility meets Energy Transition, Future Production & Manufacturing, Urban Energy Transition, Cleantech against Climate Change and Platforms and Communities. The start-ups are distributed over all continents and they are looking for an investment in different funding rounds.

Buy your ticket here and expect to get a special investors package that includes:

– a list of the top 100 start-ups that applied for the award for your qualified deal flow funnel

– detailed information about start-ups to meet on-site and option to book f2f meeting slots


Innovate with us against climate change!

Your Start Up Energy Transition Team

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