Drumroll please…Top 18 Finalists Announced!

We received more than 400 applications for the six categories of the SET Award 2018. It was inspiring to see that so many of them offered innovative solutions to the fight against climate change. Hence, choosing the Top 18 was not an easy job, and the jury had to make some tough decisions. Now, it’s finally time to reveal the ones who were given the most points by our expert jury. The finalist start-ups will join the Tech Festival in Berlin on April 16th and pitch in front of the audience. The winners of each category will be presented at the evening reception of the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue on April 17th. The winners will also be part of a Start Up Energy Transition panel on day two of the BETD (April 18th).


Congratulations to the 3 finalists per category:


Category 1: Low-Carbon Energy Production

Ionomr Innovations Inc., Canada, www.ionomr.com

Ionomr designs, adapts, and manufactures advanced ion-exchange membranes to enable cost-effective clean energy generation, storage, and wastewater treatment.

Meva Energy, Sweden, www.mevaenergy.com

Meva Energy develops biomass gasification technology for low-cost, decentralized production of renewable gas or power for industrial use.

Volex Power, Israel, www.volexpo.com

Volex Power enables the power grid to achieve a 100% penetration of renewable energy, through real time volt stabilization.


Category 2: Intelligent Grids, Platforms & Cyber Security

LO3 Energy, USA, www.lo3energy.com

LO3 Energy has developed a Blockchain-based transactive energy platform called Exergy that promises to revolutionize the energy industry.

RatedPower, Spain, www.ratedpower.com

RatedPower offers pvDesign, a software to make the design and engineering of utility-scale solar plants. Engineering in minutes, not weeks.

ForCity, France, www.forcity.com

ForCity, a multi-sector software suite helping urban planners anticipate city evolution over 25 years and make sustainable decisions.


Category 3: Energy Efficiency, Smart Devices & Storage

Coolar UG, Germany, www.coolar.co

Coolar works on a 100% electricity-free and instead solar heat powered, water-based refrigerator to cool vaccines in remote hospitals off-grid!

SparkMeter, Inc., USA, www.sparkmeter.io

By bringing the smart grid revolution to emerging market utilities, SparkMeter is expanding access to reliable, affordable electricity.

Leanheat Oy, Finnland, www.leanheat.com

Leanheat unleashes the untapped potential of buildings with IoT and AI to maximize energy efficiency and to enable smart maintenance.


Category 4: Innovative Mobility

MotionTag, Germany, www.motion-tag.com

MotionTag develops a B2B platform for seamless pay-as-you-go mobility that can be integrated into pre-existing apps.

Skeleton Technologies, Germany, www.skeletontech.com

Skeleton Technologies is the global technology leader in graphene-based ultra-capacitors and energy-storage systems.

XCharge, China, www.xcharge.com

High-tech innovative company specializing in providing High Power Smart Charging Solutions and Energy Solutions for future transportation.


Category 5: Energy, Water, and Food

Brinergy Tech., S.L., Spain, www.brinergy.com

Brinergy, based on proprietary technology, provides the only existing solution for water desalination with zero energy use (energy-neutral).

AgriProtein Holdings, Gibraltar, www.agriprotein.com

AgriProtein is leading the new industry of nutrient upcycling, creating natural, sustainable, protein & oil from organic waste

SOLHO B.V., Netherlands, www.solho.eu

SOLHO develops off-grid solar-based energy systems to power horticultural projects, boosting the transition towards sustainable food provision


Category 6: Special Prize: SDG-7, UN-target Sustainable Energy for All

Pollinate Energy India Pvt Ltd., India, www.pollinateenergy.org

Pollinate Energy brings life-changing products to people who need them most: the millions living in poverty in India’s urban slums.

Acacia Innovations Ltd., Kenya, www.acaciainnovations.com

We supply eco-friendly cooking fuel & cookstoves to Kenyan schools through a subscription model, which makes modern clean cooking affordable.

BioLite Inc.; USA, https://row.bioliteenergy.com/pages/mission

BioLite develops and distributes clean energy technologies for low-income, off-grid households in emerging markets.


Meet them in Berlin on April 16th! Tickets available here.

If you wish to connect with them during their visit to Berlin, please let us know as soon as possible.

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