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Satellite imagery to accelerate the energy transition

Scientific innovations have proven crucial to the global plight to reduce carbon emissions and accelerate the energy transition. Space technology innovation is becoming increasingly valuable in the fight against greenhouse […]

SET100 Alumni Spotlight: GLOWEE

France is increasingly becoming a leading innovation hub. The country has declared itself a “start-up nation” and the state backed such statements in 2019 by dedicating a EUR 5 billion […]

Clean cooking solutions – Why clean cooking matters and what start-ups can do about it

Today, around 3 billion people regularly cook using open fires or simple stoves, mostly in low-and middle-income countries. Unfortunately, these cooking method present numerous potential health risks. Each year 4 […]

The Swedish Start-Up Ecosystem: Blixt and Sweden’s energy start-ups

The Swedish Start-Up Ecosystem: Blixt and Sweden’s energy start-ups Sweden’s start-up ecosystem is one of Europe’s most dynamic and innovative with many companies dedicated to energy transition. This is part […]

Green innovation in Sweden: An interview with Gustav Stenbeck

Sweden has been at the forefront of environmental protection for decades and has shown that it is possible to combine both economic growth and reduced emissions. The Nordic country will […]

Interview with SunCrafter, who are using innovation to fight the spread of COVID-19

SunCrafter, a SET100 Alumni, has recently won The Global Hack 2020, a hackathon backed by the European Space Agency, the UN and the EU Commission among others. More than 12,000 […]

Start-ups that are changing the way we move

Smart Mobility – Start-ups changing the way we move While decarbonising the transport sector is no easy task, there is no shortage of real and effective solutions. More and more […]

Unlocking the potential of AI for decarbonisation

A recent study by Inderwildi et al. (2020), estimates that digitalisation has the potential to increase carbon abatement by 20%. Artificial intelligence technologies are likely even more effective and could […]

Implications of COVID-19 On Energy Start-Ups

Amid the developments of the outbreak of COVID-19, businesses and start-ups around the globe are bracing themselves for times of uncertainty, but also exploring opportunities that these times may hold […]

Presenting the SET100 List 2020

SET Award 2020: Presenting this year’s SET100 The #SET100 list has been published! It contains the top 100 energy start-ups that applied for this year’s SET Award. The scores from […]