SET22 Finalist: Pantonium Makes Public Transit Convenient and Equitable

Transforming Public Transit With On-Demand Macro-Transit

“Public transport hasn’t really changed in the last hundred years…It is designed based on fixed routes where buses operate in a circular route and get people between stops based on a schedule. A 15-minute trip can take an hour and a half. What we are doing is allowing cities to plan in real-time based on where people need to go,” says CEO and Co-Founder, Remi Desa.

Founded in 2009, this Canada-based start-up’s propriety macro-transit algorithm optimises and self-adjusts all transit resources dynamically and in real-time, to account for passenger demand, schedule changes, delays and cancellations thus, improving ride times and rider experience. What sets it apart? It views cities, suburban, and rural areas as one large service area, rather than dividing them into many small service areas (micro transit) or routes (fixed-route systems). Pantonium aims to encourage the shift from single vehicle to public transport usage by eliminating multiple inconvenient deterrents, which could reduce road transportation emissions by 75%.

Meet Pantonium in Berlin!

Meet the Panatonium team, our finalists in the smart mobility and transportation category, at the sixth edition of the SET Tech Festival 2022, in Berlin on 20 September 2022. Join us to take a deep-dive into the latest energy technologies, industry insights, the work of most promising start-ups but first and foremost, discover the stories that continually drive energy transition. In the course of the Award ceremony, we will announce the winners of this year’s SET Award from each of the five categories.

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