SET22 Finalist: NeedEnergy Uses Intelligent Insights to Provide Smart and Clean Energy

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Powering Off-grid Communities with Clean Energy

“In Africa there are 600 million people without access to clean energy or power. 70% of this demand will be carried by renewables. Our vision is to see more than 200 million people having access to clean energy in the next 15-20 years… We hope to take our experiences from the African market/region to the global economy.”, says co-founder and team lead, Leroy T. Nyangani.

Founded in 2019, NeedEnergy’s AI-based technology brings intelligent insights to micro-grid operators. They developed Zimbabwe’s first smart grid for LP gas, currently work on renewables-based pilot projects for powering off-grid African communities. Moreover, they have succeeded in taking their technical know-how global with the application they are developing for an Australian project.

NeedEnergy in Berlin!

Meet the NeedEnergy team, our finalists in the Quality Energy Access & SDG7 category, at the sixth edition of the SET Tech Festival 2022, in Berlin on 20 September. Join us to take a deep-dive into the latest energy technologies, industry insights, the work of most promising start-ups but first and foremost, discover the stories that continually drive energy transition. In the course of the Award ceremony, we will announce the winners of this year’s SET Award from each of the five categories.

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