SET22 Finalist: iNex Circular Enhances the Value of Untapped Resources

Waste-to-Energy: Making Circular Economy a Reality

Founded in 2018, the French start-up is also known as the “Tinder of Waste”! Their SAAS B2B tool, “iNex sourcing”, manages and optimises waste to provide raw materials for biogas, recyclers and industrials. This process makes the production of energy from waste, a reality.

Founder and CEO, Olivier Gambari says, “Today, we are focusing on big companies and we are asking them to change from oil to biogas, we ask them to change their habits…We are there to find solutions and valorise untapped resources…When we use what we have in front of us, it’s better.” By focusing on bigger actors, iNex Circular indeed increases their own environmental impact as well as that of their clients.

iNex Circular in Berlin

Meet iNex Circular’s team at the SET Tech Festival 2022, in Berlin on 20 September 2022. Join us and learn more about the latest energy technologies & industry insights, meet the most promising start-ups but first and foremost, discover stories of energy transition. In the course of the award ceremony, we will announce the winners from each of the five categories of this year’s SET Award.

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