SET22 Finalist: Manamuz Electric, a Cold Storage Solution to Increase the Shelf Life of Goods

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Engineering a Sustainable and Clean Energy Future

“When we support farmers, we unlock the rural economy. Less than 3% of products that require refrigeration in sub-Saharan Africa are refrigerated at the first mile [as] compared to around 94% in developed economies such as Europe. If you increase the shelf life of a product from 2 to 20 days, you are able to eliminate waste. You can’t have so many people hungry across the world and yet waste more than half of what you produce.” – CEO, Uzochukwu Mbamalu

Conceptualised in 2008 by two students at the Faculty of Engineering at University of Nigeria, Manamuz Electric is a clean tech company that deploys cutting-edge, electrical and solar energy systems in African homes, businesses, and communities. Currently their focus is directed at providing clean energy in rural agro communities. To this end, they have developed sustainable cold storage solution i.e their Coldbox Store, a temperature-controlled solution that eliminates post-harvest losses along perishable foods supply chain.

Enabling small farmers to become proper agra-businesses, their cool-storage solution aims to reduce the pressure on our current food systems. Perhaps most importantly, their technology overcomes the “chicken and egg problem” when it comes to economic biases that rural development faces.

Manamuz in Berlin!

Meet the Manamuz team, our finalists in the Quality Access & SGD7 category, at the sixth edition of the SET Tech Festival 2022, in Berlin on 20 September. Join us to take a deep-dive into the latest energy technologies, industry insights, the work of most promising start-ups but first and foremost, discover the stories that continually drive energy transition. In the course of the Award ceremony, we will announce the winners of this year’s SET Award from each of the five categories.

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