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SET22 Finalist: Envio Systems Simplifies Smart Buildings

Envio Systems’ energy efficiency management system, the Envio platform, transforms buildings into smart ones.

SET22 Finalist: R8 Technologies Ensures Energy Efficiency for Commercial Buildings

This SET finalist is revolutionising energy efficiency for commercial buildings with their next-generation AI software, the R8 Operator.

SET22 Finalist: iNex Circular Enhances the Value of Untapped Resources

Clean Energy Generaiton. iNex Circular is a European waste exchange platform promoting circular economy between industries.

PowerUP Technologies - Hydrogen Fuel Cells Technology

SET22 Finalist: PowerUP Technologies Produces Hydrogen Fuel Cells Generator

PowerUP develops and produces the next-generation generator: replacing diesel with hydrogen fuel cell based-electric technology.

Energy Frontrunners with Modvion - Wind turbines from laminated wood

SET22 Finalist: Modvion Builds Wind Turbines in Wood 

The next generation of wind turbines. Modvion produces wind turbines made from laminated wood, nature’s own carbon fibre.

Ecoligo and their low-cost solar solutions

SET 2021 Finalist: ecoligo Provides Low-cost Solar Solutions to Local Businesses

Presenting ecoligo, our SET 2021 finalist and winner, shaking up clean energy generation industry with their low-cost solar solutions.

WinJi: Asset Management Solutions

SET 2021 Finalist: WinJi Provides Inventive Asset Management Solutions

Presenting WinJi, our SET 2021 finalist, whose asset management system is maximising efficiency of the clean energy generation industry.

PowerUP: Paving the Way for Hydrogen Fuel

SET 2021 Finalist: PowerUP Paves the Way for Hydrogen Fuel

Presenting PowerUP, our SET Award 2021 finalist, whose hydrogen powered generators are changing the clean energy generation industry.