Corporate Challenge: innogy Innovation Hub

The innogy Innovation Hub is a global hub with established networks in Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, London and Berlin – four of the world’s leading innovation ecosystems. They collaborate with ambitious start-ups to set up new businesses around the world.

The Challenge: Disrupt the Mobility Sector

innogy will work together with start-ups tackling today’s problems in people mobility, freight logistics and the many related fields. They invite three start-ups to present their solution to the workshop participants. The innogy team will assess and analyze the start-ups’ potential with an audience comprising of industry experts and ecosystem professionals. Together, strategies and key activities will be developed to bring the start-ups to their next level and propel mobility innovation.

The Benefits.

For participating start-ups:

  • Stress-test your solution and receive feedback from experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts.
  • Receive practical advice on how to bring your start-up to the next stage and have the chance to collaborate or receive an investment from the innogy Innovation Hub or other strategic partners from innogy’s external network.

For Tech Festival participants:

  • Join the workshop as a participant and serve as part of a jury and constructive criticism force.
  • Experience a live workshop and have the chance to become a full-time member of the innogy Innovation Hub venture developer team to either work on your own mobility challenge within the hub or manage the collaboration with one of three start-ups from the workshop.

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