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GET100: G20 leaders receive list of 100 outstanding start-ups in energy

Global energy transition can only be successful if the global community pursues it collectively.  This is why the Start Up Energy Transition proudly represents the growing number of start-ups, politicians […]

Award Finalist: Sunew from Brazil comes to revolutionize the solar industry

Our next finalist is based in Brazil. SUNEW is focused on development, manufacturing and commercialization of OPV (Organic Photovoltaics). It has the world’s largest infrastructure in this segment, with a […]

Award Finalist: SunCulture from Kenya exponentially improves the livelihoods of smallholder farmers

Many irrigation systems in Africa and all over the world are still running on fuel pumps. What another great field where solar can make a huge difference! We’re proud to […]

Award Finalist: GreenSync innovates smart software solutions to integrate renewables into the grid

Hello smart grid! Meet our next finalist: GreenSync. They might have the longest journey to our Tech Festival – coming straight from Melbourne, Australia. Phil Blythe, CEO, explains why just […]

Interview with Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu from Coldhubs

“I believe in simple solutions” ColdHubs provides solar-powered cooling systems that help farmers in off-grid areas in Nigeria to maintain and extend the life of their harvest. Founder and CEO […]

Award Finalist: Glowee from France develops a biological source of light

Meet our next finalists! These guys are developing solutions for how to produce and consume light. And they are inspired by nature, because nature knows best ! We met Sandra Rey, […]

Award Winner: TESSOL from India is revolutionizing the transport refrigeration industry

Everybody loves fresh food. But we also know that it is sometimes not possible to have it produced just around the corner. It needs to be transported. Just as vaccines […]

Award Finalist: Alternative Energy Innovations brings devices to produce electricity from waste heat

Our finalists Alternative Energy Innovations not only invented one georgeous product so far. They did two. Why not? Dr. Raul Aragones, the Chairman, explains why it just makes sense to […]

Award Winner: ME SOLshare from Bangladesh interconnects solar home systems

Power to the swarm! Meet ME SOLshare from Bangladesh: Our winner has great visions. Dr. Sebastian Groh spoke to us about how they want to empower people to become solar […]

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Award Winner: Sicoya from Germany lowers energy consumption in big data centers

How often did you use the internet today? How much data was processed due to your usage? Honestly, most of us do not think a lot about data amounts while […]