#SET100 List 2018 – Announcing the best 100 start-ups working on the global energy transition

For the 2nd year in a row, the Start Up Energy Transition is proud to present the top 100 international start-ups from the 2018 SET Awards competition. Over 400 start-ups from around the globe competed in 1 of 6 categories to showcase their solutions to climate change, the energy transition and the future of our very world! The 100 start-ups come from 33 countries, 18 different sectors and cover all regions of the world.

Download the list here!

What makes this list unique?

Climate change and the energy transition are some of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced and those named on the SET 100 work specifically to overcome them.  While other lists purely stress innovation or business success, SET celebrates innovative start-ups that the international community of cross-sectoral experts has acknowledged to have the largest impact in energy and in the fight against climate change. Furthermore, the SET 100 is uniquely focused on start-ups. This is a celebration of innovation, of tenacity, and of companies revolutionizing the energy world. Of these 100 companies, nearly half are 3 years old or less, and we are incredibly proud to feature such ambitious and competent ventures.


The Start Up Energy Transition designed this process to offer a fair and holistic representation of energy transition-related start-ups determined by international and cross-sectional experts within the energy community. To accomplish this, the evaluation occurred in three phases:

Phase 1: Criteria management – The SET team processed all 400 + applications based on the following criteria: the company was founded not more than 10 years ago; there must have been a functioning prototype; and the business model must have been to some degree profit-oriented (social entrepreneurism was also accepted). We ensured a wide enough window to cover both the early-stage, and later stage start-ups and innovations.

Phase 2: Reading Jury Evaluation – The qualifying companies were evaluated by the reading jury on a 10-point scale system per question. Each applicant was evaluated according to their relevance, business model, innovation level, market awareness and potential, and capacity to execute their strategies (finances, network, leadership, etc.). Scores were aggregated to form a preliminary 100+ list.

Phase 3: High-level Jury Evaluation – The preliminary 100+ list was handed over to the high-level jury, comprised of some of the most prominent and influential individuals in the energy world. Using the same rating system as the reading jury, they selected the top 100.

The SET 100 list is presented here in alphabetical order.

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