The G20 summit is over. Now it is up to us once again!

The G20 summit is over. Now it is up to us once again!

Dear Network and Community of Start Up Energy Transition,

The G20 summit in Hamburg fell short of our expectations, particularly when it came to dealing with global warming and climate change. In regard to the Paris Agreement – one member was left behind and nineteen promised to stay on track without making significant strides forward. Nevertheless, we can rest assured that nineteen members remain part of the Paris Agreement. While some signs of hope emerged and new country partnerships were formed, the determination and confidence of the world leaders did not emerge in the ways we were hoping for. However, all of this will not leave us discouraged. In fact, this will make us even more persistent and ambitious than ever before!

When Start Up Energy Transition was initiated, it was merely just an idea. We were convinced about the necessity to focus on innovation in global energy transition. We witnessed new ideas springing up all over the world to make energy transition a reality. We know that all of your ideas and initiatives are paving the way for a more sustainable future. And as such, we are convinced that this will foster economic growth and development, reduce fuel poverty, create jobs and form the foundation of a more sustainable future.

Our network grew to be large in size when we finished the first round of Start Up Energy Transition in March. Start Up Energy Transition developed into a fast-growing community with more than 500 startups from 66 countries and roughly 100 network partners from all around the world. International organizations and forward-thinking companies and foundations are supporting us. At our final award ceremony, we were joined by an international audience with ministers and delegations from 30 governments. We saw many new collaborations and projects between startups, established companies, investors and the scientific community.

Even more so, we created a #GET100 list of the top startup applicants and forwarded the list to the G20 leaders of the world. We wanted to encourage them to move forward. And we wished to be inspired by them as they moved forward. While this did not take full form, it has made us even more motivated to support young and innovative entrepreneurs!


Andreas Kuhlmann, CEO German Energy Agency (dena)

Dear friends and supporters of Start Up Energy Transition, let me briefly tell you where we stand with the preparation of the next round of our project:

> The next round of Start Up Energy Transition will be exceed the first. The global kickoff event will take place alongside the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP23) taking    place from November 6th to November 17th in Bonn, Germany.

> New partners have already joined our network and we are in promising talks with several others.

> Very soon, we will ask you and new partners to join in spreading the news about our project in preparation for the second round of SET.

> Moreover, we will ask more companies and VCs to support us and to have a closer look at all the great business ideas, startups and other companies and networks we have.

> We will also ask other countries to actively support the project as a partner and to host a satellite event of Start Up Energy Transition.

> Next year’s final event and ceremony will remain connected to the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD) – an established international conference taking place in Berlin. And along with the award ceremony, we will organize an even bigger Tech Festival than we had last year.

The starting point for all of this is you. It is about your ideas and your initiatives. Your business models and your investment. Your spirit and your commitment to do something to tackle global warming and to make global energy transition a success.

Without you, there will be no initiative. We as the Start Up Energy Transition team can only create the platform to help bring people together. We strive to help shed light on all of your achievements so far. We promise to provide our enthusiasm and desire to see change happen.

We tried to encourage the leaders of the world to see all the opportunities that are available and we will continue to try. We know that moving forward is the only option. It is important, it is worth doing and, after all, it is a lot of fun to work with you and to exchange ideas.

Stay connected and help us spread the news around!



Andreas and the Start Up Energy Transition team

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